Atrium People AS



Atrium People`s Recruitment options

  • Recruitment of new permanent employees to your vessels or rigs/installations offshore
  • Recruitment of new permanent employes to your organization onshore

An advertised recruitment process can take place in different channels, and will find the qualified and motivated candidates. Through advertising, your company gets a positive profile, shows growth ambitions and ensures that we meet the good and motivated candidates

In order to ensure that your company receives the best basis possible before you decide who to employ, a thorough documentation package will be prepared and submitted. This will at least contain the CV, application or motivation note, relevant attachments, assessment based on the interviews, assessment based on any personality tests and, not least, the result of the background check. A thorough work is being done on this, and we are thus helping to reduce the risk of mistakes.


  • During the planning phase we meet the company and together we prepare a work analysis and requirement specification
  • Confidential or open ads are prepared and posted in various channels
  • Mapping and search - processing of applicants and mapping of potential and relevant candidates
  • Application Management
  • Initial calls and first-time interview
  • In-depth interview of the best candidates, preferably in cooperation with the company if desired
  • Background and reference checks
  • Presentation of candidates for the company
  • We provide personality and ability tests if desired
  • Onboarding - follow-up of both the company and the candidates after the appointment has taken place.
  • Remember: An employee who participates in an organized onboarding program is 69% more likely to remain in the business for up to three years than an employee who did not participate in such a program. (Bauer, 2010).